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  Eliminate The Warping & Buckling Forever!

The #1 dissatisfaction with homeowners across the nation is the warping and buckling associated with vinyl siding. Over 60 years vinyl siding is being attached the same way leaving the empirical evidence of "Bad" vinyl siding everywhere (see VSI installation manual)Read More...

Fits over 96% of the vinyl siding panels on the market today.
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Why End up with this.............When you can have ...............................This!
Warped & Buckled Vinyl Siding  

Glide-Lock Siding Hanger

At Glide-Lock Mfg. Inc., you can buy through a local distributor or have it shipped directly to your job site or home. Either way you save money and get the "Best" Looking siding job ever.

Prevent Warping
Afraid to make your home improvement dreams a reality? You don't need to spend a lot of money to see your home remodeling done right. Our vinyl siding hanger is designed to install your vinyl siding correctly no matter what.